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The Boy Who Got Stuck

The boy was bored already. He had only been sitting for two minutes, but he was feeling bored doing that. So, he got up and jumped. Then he felt bored with all the ten second jumping, and moved around to do something else.

The boy was like that. He got bored quickly and so, he was always looking to do something else. He would study quickly so he could play, and play quickly so he could study. If he was not doing either, he would watch TV or play on the iPad, because, he was watching something that was happening quickly. The boy was like that. He had this thing for speed. He liked to call himself, Supersonic Boy.

That day, Supersonic Boy was terribly bored because he was all alone in a place that was completely dark. Once he was done with the jumping, the boy looked around to figure out something else to do. But, he couldn’t find anything. So, he looked below. And what he saw, caught his attention immediately.

Supersonic Boy saw a bright oval ball filled with golden light. The moment he saw the ball, Supersonic Boy rushed towards it. He rushed at it with a speed that was faster than light. When the boy entered the ball, he realised that he had entered darkness again. But this time, there were other things in the darkness.

The boy saw shooting stars zoom past him, groups of meteors flying overhead, planets spinning around in circles, and small, bright twinkling lights that the boy knew were distant stars. The boy wanted to go through a star, but found himself unable to change directions.

Supersonic Boy was unable to change directions because the speed at which he was going was only leading him in a straight route, and he was unable to slow down enough to change directions. The boy was stuck with his speed. He shrugged his shoulders, and decided to enjoy his speed, until the moment he saw the big, dark hole looming in front of him.

The boy saw several things falling into this black hole. He saw the stars, he saw the planets and he saw the meteors being devoured by the gigantic black mouth. Now, Supersonic Boy began to worry about falling into the hole. So, he tried to stop and pull himself back. But, that was not happening. The more the boy tried to stop, the stronger was the pull from the black hole. And ultimately the boy watched in horror as he flowed into the black hole. He shut his eyes tightly.

When the boy opened his eyes, he saw that he was inside a tunnel. The walls around him were filled with bright light and he was moving like he was moving on a roller-coaster. “Hey, this is not bad at all,” thought the boy. “I was worried about nothing.” Supersonic Boy enjoyed his bumpy ride until he reached the end of the tunnel. And then, there was nothing. The tunnel was closed on the other side.

With nowhere to go, Supersonic Boy was stuck.

He stood there for a while, waiting. Then, he began to look for an opening, but Supersonic Boy could not find any opening. He wrinkled his nose in disappointment, but was not ready to wait until the tunnel opened. So, he turned to go back. He had moved only ten steps before he stopped. Because, he was not able to move ahead anymore. It was only then that Supersonic Boy realised something else. He had lost his speed!

And now, he was stuck. He could not move beyond the few steps behind and back; and the tunnel was closed up ahead. Supersonic Boy was stuck, without his speed and space.

“How do I get out of here?” he thought loudly and miserably.

“You need to make a hole on the tunnel door to get to this side,” said a voice. And it was coming from the other side of the tunnel. Supersonic Boy jumped with shock.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am you,” came the reply.

“What?” wondered Supersonic Boy disbelievingly. “How?”

“Come to the other side and you will see for yourself,” replied the voice. “I have been waiting here for you, for a long time.”

Now, Supersonic Boy’s curiosity was enthused. He wanted to see the boy who looked like him. But, he did not know how to break through the tunnel. “How do I break out of this tunnel?” asked Supersonic Boy. “How did you enter the tunnel?” asked the voice.

“I was pulled into it,” answered Supersonic Boy.

“When you pull something from outside, how do you move it from the inside?” asked the voice once again.

“I…I have to push it from the inside. I got it!” exclaimed Supersonic Boy. “This works like a door. I was pulled from the outside, so I push it from the inside.” Supersonic Boy then pushed with all his might at the closed tunnel and very soon, it broke open.

He rushed towards the other side and found himself inside a similar tunnel once again. Bewildered, he turned to look at the voice, and was even more bewildered when he saw that the owner of the voice was himself. But this owner was terribly tiny.

“Why are you so tiny?” wondered Supersonic Boy.

You are so tiny because you were so busy doing so many things that you never made time for yourself,” explained Tiny Supersonic Boy.

“I don’t understand,” began Supersonic Boy. “Am I not doing everything for myself? Studying, playing, learning to play the guitar, karate, sports – everything. Am I not doing all this for myself?”

Tiny Supersonic Boy put his hands on his hips and said, “Are you doing all these for yourself, or are you doing all these because you have nothing else to do?”

Supersonic Boy thought about it, and had to agree with Tiny Supersonic Boy. “You are right. I do all these, because I would be bored otherwise. So, I am not really doing things for myself. And you, are myself. That is why you…I mean…I am so tiny. It is because I have not taken care of you, I mean myself.”

Tiny Supersonic Boy nodded his head vigorously.

“But how do I take care of myself?” asked Supersonic Boy and he was looking quite lost now.

“Well, your greatest boon is your speed. Unfortunately, it is also your biggest bane. So slow down a bit, and move through this tunnel. Maybe, once you reach the other side, you will find what you are looking for,” replied Tiny Supersonic Boy.

Supersonic Boy smiled and bent down to open his palm. “Will you come with me?” he asked softly.

“Of course! Not that I have a choice in the matter, since I am you and you are me,” said Tiny Supersonic Boy.

And both the boys began to move through the golden tunnel, and into their next greatest adventure. They were on a mission to discover themselves.

Dear Reader,

This story is based on the theory that black holes contain another universe within them. But this story also goes beyond the universe, and moves deep into the universe that we contain within ourselves. We are Supersonic Boys who move through life feeling bored.

We are bored, so we choose a career. We get bored with our jobs, so we take a break. Then, we get bored with our breaks, so we get back to work. Many of us move through this cycle of reaching for what we want, because we don’t know what we are.

We fill our space with clothes, objects, gadgets and people, because, we are constantly looking for something that would fit into some gap, either in our personal space or in our physical space. But is that really us, or is it someone else impersonating as us?

And just like Supersonic Boy, we reach a point in our lives, where we just feel stuck. 

If that is the case, then who can tell us what we are, and what we are supposed to do? Is it the parent, teacher, friend or someone else? Once again, we are looking for answers from the external world, when the reality is…

Inspiration always comes from Within.

I have found mine. Good luck in finding and connecting with yours.

While you are beginning your journey, here is something that could help. Follow my posts on my other space, where I journal my journey through the Perspective Shift to get answers to questions that are waiting to be asked and answered.


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