Poems for the Mind

To Grow the Child…

Grow the child like how the moon grows,

In phases,

And step-by-step

Intelligence needs time and space to grow well and sustain itself. In our hurry to launch the child’s intelligence, let us not forget that the essence of growth is to grow step-by-step.

Grow the child like how the animals grow their young,

They hunt for them,

Only to teach them,

How to hunt for themselves

Life is a journey, and everyone has a different path to take. Show the child their path and teach them to traverse it by themselves. Accept that their paths are for them to traverse, and the pits that lie in the route are for them to cross.

Grow the child like how birds grow their chicks,

To fly away,

Only to always,

Come back home

While teaching the child to become successful, also teach them to stay true to their roots, their home, and themselves. Teach them to soar with their feet on the ground and to always stay grounded.

Grow the child like how the trees grow,

Even in the wild they know,

That to grow well,

They need to grow away from each other

Friends are a big influence in a child’s learning space. Teach them, at a very early stage, that real friendship lies in the quality, and not quantity.

Grow the child like how the day grows from night,

To shine brightly,

Only to give way for the night once again

Teach the child to shine brightly. But also teach them that shine always wanes away. That just like how the day and night are two side of the same coin, so is success and defeat – each one gives way for the other.

Grow the child like how the human brain grows,

Towards progress,

And always towards a better future

Teach the child that the essence of humanity is to stay true to progress, true to their brain, and to grow into a better person every day.

Grow the child like how you have always wanted to grow,

With wings on your back,

And destinations in your mind

Let the child pursue their dreams. The silliest of ideas can leave the greatest impact. And if what the child seeks is a simple life, then understand that their happiness lies in achieving their dream. 


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