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An Interesting Life

There once was a girl who wanted to do a lot of things. She wanted to do gardening, she wanted to indulge in cooking, she wanted to play the violin, she wanted to draw colorful doodles, she wanted to visit new places,  she wanted to design clothes, she wanted to come on TV, she wanted to…oh, the list was endless! This girl wanted to do so many things!!!

As the girl grew, so did her wants. One day, the girl decided that she would satisfy her wants and she began to do all the things that she had ever wanted to do.

The first thing that the girl did was, to grow a garden, and what a beautiful garden it was! Filled with the healthiest of vegetables and the freshest of fruits, the garden was definitely a delight to be in. The next activity on the girl’s agenda was to design clothes. And just like the garden, the clothes too, turned too turned out to be lovely designs.

One by one, the girl kept making all her wishes come true. She did everything that she had ever wanted to do, and she did them all very well. The girl was quite talented, indeed!

But in the midst of making all her dreams come true, the girl forgot one thing though. She forgot to complete her work.

The beautiful garden lay unattended as the girl moved to work on her designs. The clothes lay unattended as the girl moved on to build her bakery. The delicious cooking remained unattended as the girl moved on to coloring her drawings. While the girl did everything that she wanted to do, she was so interested in moving onto the next activity, that she left behind a lot of incomplete things.

But the girl didn’t mind it one bit that she was leaving things incomplete. She was just happy that she was able to do so many things. Besides, it was boring to do just one thing all the time! Obviously, for someone so interested in doing so many things, boredom was an enemy.

Then, there came the day when the girl wanted to do yet another thing. She wanted to become a teacher. And just like with everything else, she did become a teacher. But just like with everything else, she was going to leave this job too incomplete.

There was a hitch though. If the girl left this job unattended, there was a price to pay. Quite unlike the other jobs where the girl was only leaving behind things unattended to, in this teacher’s job, she would leave children unattended to. And when children are left behind without a guide, they would obviously get lost.

But the girl was already getting interested in another activity. What was she to do? Should she continue to do a work that had become boring for her? Or should she just let go? And what about all those children?! She definitely did not want them to get lost!

Dear Reader,

Many of us have faced this situation. We have gotten so distracted by wanting to do the next interesting thing that we leave our current activity incomplete. It could be anything from not tying up the loose ends of one project in our bid to move onto the next project; to leaving behind an idea hanging inside our head without working on it. And all of this simply because something more interesting came along.

Well, that is the problem with developing multiple interests. The real challenge always lies in completing a job, before moving onto the next idea that our head churns out. It makes sense to walk our journey to reach our destination instead of wearing ourselves out by running. In other words, boredom is the greatest challenge to multiple intelligence, not because it is something to avoid, rather, because it is everything to accept.

Here’s to embracing boredom and enjoying the satisfaction that accompanies the reality of a job well done!

And yes, this story remains incomplete too. For you and me, to complete it in our own ways…


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