Poems for the Mind

The Force Within Me

Something is growing within,

I can feel her grow

She is growing in might

She is growing in power

I can feel her grow

Through the anger

Piercing my heart

Through the frustration

Rupturing my veins

I can feel her grow

Through the sorrow

Filling my throat

Through the suffering

Bellowing into my head

I can feel her grow

I wonder what I can do

To bloom flowers through her anger

To create gardens through her frustration

To fill the lakes through her sorrow

To move the clouds through her suffering

I wonder what I can do

To help her grow

Dear Reader,

These lines came out of the awareness of a deep dark space within me that is itching to get out. It is a space that is filled with wild energy in the form of high emotions. All of us get to experience this space at some point of time in our lives. Some of us get to experience this space at lots of points during our lifetime.

It is not a question of how we go through this space, as much as how we grow through this space.

The first step is to understand the power of our emotions, and acknowledge it for its wild force.

The second step is to look around and understand how wild energy has constantly been channelizing herself towards growth. There she is growing through the plants, animals, mountains, rivers, rains, and us. Nature shows us the way – has always been showing us the way. All we have to do is follow her way – for we too are an intrinsic part of nature, created to understand, acknowledge and help her.

The third step is to figure out how we can channelize this wild energy within us, to grow us. Gandhiji channelized his anger towards enabling freedom. Gautama Siddartha channelized his frustration towards enabling peace. Many people across the globe are continually channelizing their dark space towards growth. And that is what nature desires – growth.

Awareness is the key to shifting our thoughts from overpowering us and directing them towards empowering us into transformations aimed at growth.

Here’s to growing through your dark space! And here’s to channelizing the nature within!


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