Poems for the Mind

Who Am I?

Who am I? it asked

The little girl spun around to face the voice,

She caught sight of the darkness

Who am I? the Darkness wondered,

Happy that someone had heard it at last

Why, you are the darkness, didn’t you know?!,

Answered the little girl

Disappointed, the darkness turned to go,

Wait, I am not done yet,

Shouted the little girl, all well-set

You are the darkness that created the light,

That is how you are the highest sight

You are the silence that created the sound,

That is how you are the first voice around

You are the empty space that created pathways,

That is how you are the best guide towards the rays

You are the energy that created work,

That is how in the food, water, and air you lurk

You are the unknown that created the known,

That is how you became the mother of everything grown

The Darkness nodded in appreciation,

For the little one had given the best definition

Yet, something seemed empty,

For the Darkness yearned for a name in her entry

But I still want to know,

Who am I though?

The little girl spun around once more,

To face the Darkness and tell the lore

Through everything you have created,

Better is the way that has been plaited

And Better is a feeling,

The result of a healing

Are you a creator, a keeper, or teacher?

Whatever be the word, you are the Healer

Dear Reader,

And that is the story of why the earth spins on her axis, every day, to face the darkness and have a little chit-chat with the mighty lady.

Well…probably not. But it is a wonderful idea nevertheless. It is an idea that propounds the theory that human darkness could be a pathway to healing.

Our experiences lead us into dark spaces, and getting into dark spaces is an inevitability, as inevitable as nightfall, and just as inevitable as death. But it helps to understand that it is from the darkness of the womb that birth happens.

And it is the nightfall – the silence, the emptiness and the darkness – that rejuvenates the brain. Sleep heals the brain, and the rest of the body that has faced the challenges that comes along with the light of the day.

The brain itself grows within a dark space, and the neural network builds itself inside an empty space. Then why do we run away from the darkness, instead of trying to understand why we are in the darkness in the first place?!

Just like how the night is only a passage into the day, human darkness is only a constant reminder to reach for the switch and shine the brightest of lights.

Here’s to awakening the Healer within!


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