Stories for the Soul

The Man who Kept his Window Open

In a town where everyone went to sleep after carefully and meticulously locking up all their doors and windows, there lived a man, who always kept his window open.

Some called this man very brave to keep his window wide open when the rest of the townsfolk, including themselves, were wrapped within the fear of words that were passed on through the ages. The man was, after all, only displaying a rebellion that the rest of them kept hidden.

Some others called this man foolish, for it is always the fools that go to places where the angels dare not tread. And the silent darkness of the night was no angel’s paradise.

The man himself was probably someone who could not contain his curiosity. Or maybe he was someone who dared to do the deed because he lived all by himself and was relatively free off the responsibility of welcoming danger into his home.

As the days passed, and the nights kept giving way for the light, and nothing outward happened, the man’s curiosity began to wane. Just as the one night arrived when he decided to call it a night, the man heard it at last.

The sound was so light that it almost went unheard. Or maybe the others heard it and decided to keep it unheard. Rushing to fulfill his curiosity, the man poked his head out of his window to look at the “creature” that made the sound. But it was no creature at all!

It was a woman, and she was dressed in blue, her golden locks falling all over her shoulders. The man desperately wanted to see her face. But since her back was turned towards him and she was keen on moving ahead, the man could not catch a glimpse of her face. Keeping any thoughts of hesitancy aside, the man quickly unlocked his door and walked out of his house, deciding to follow this woman in blue.

He followed her out of his street, through the town and right into the woods. The man hoped to catch up with the woman to turn her attention towards him. Picking up all of his courage, he called out to her. But nay, it seemed as if she could not hear. He then picked up his pace and ran towards her, hoping to at least tap her on her shoulders. But for as fast as he ran, the man remained unable to catch up with the woman in blue.

And then suddenly, and without a warning, the woman vanished from sight. Where did she go?! The man looked all around and could find nothing except for the ray of light that was shining through the thick trees of the woods. It was dawn already! The man had been chasing the woman right through the night! And for nothing!

Of course, the man was quite lost by now. The woods being the woods, was dark, deep and lonely. And from somewhere within, an animal made a its call. The man shivered. With several paths to take and no end in sight, the man began to wonder about the futility of it all. All he was doing, was chasing his curiosity. But now, he was getting punished for it!

Sighing deeply, the man began to think of how to get back home. There was only person who could help him, and it was no lady in blue. Rather, he had to rely on his own wisdom to make it out of the woods.

It took him a while, a very long while, but the man managed to find his way back home. Upon arrival, he did not close his window though. He instead, decided to keep his doors locked tight, and right through the night.

Dear Reader,

The Lady in Blue is Illusion, as elusive as the blue of the ocean, and the blue of the sky – the color being nothing other than a play of the light. Both the ocean and the sky can be just as dark as they are blue. All it takes is a sharp swing of the earth to shift the colors from the blue of illusion to the black of truth.

We all spend a lifetime chasing our curiosities, our curiosities being a sum of our interests. The question is, how many of our curiosities are leading us towards the destinations that we seek and how many are taking us away from the stations that we need to get down at?! Because, almost half of our imagination remains just what it is – an imagination.

It pays to keep in mind that not every curiosity will lead towards the chase of an intelligence – a wisdom. On the other hand, it could result in a head long collision with ignorance, trapping us in a spiral of deafening emotions.

Take for instance, the news that we read, the information that we feed ourselves, and the opinions that we form within this sacred space called our mind. Only half of the information helps build us, the other half will send our minds reeling into self-destruct mode. For no information is useless information. The brain is always working on every piece of information that it accumulates. And where it cannot take us on a journey of fulfillment, our brain will spiral us into an endless turbulence of drama. The brain for all its worth, is also pre-programmed to self-destruct, after all.

Life has quite a few things that remain as illusive as the Lady in Blue. These things float inside the part of our unresolved imagination. While it is quite all right to keep the window of imagination open, it takes a wise man to ensure that the door remains unlocked. Sometimes it is better to just watch your imagination float by instead of chasing it down.

It also does us good to have things to do, places to go, people to meet, and lives to save (the biggest being our own). It is not just mere curiosity that matters, what is key to a healthy mind, is curiosity with a purpose.

What is the curiosity that you want to give your brain? And how do you want to work with your curiosity?

Here’s to chasing the right kind of curiosity! Here’s to chasing your wisdom!



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