Stories for the Soul

Through the Hole in the Burrow

Our lady would peep out every now and then through the hole in her burrow. After all the cleaning, cooking, and organizing of the burrow, the lady was quite entitled to take a peep out every once in a while.

She would watch the passers-by going on and about their errands, “over-hear” the tid-bits of conversations that floated down to her ears, and occasionally call out to someone for a lovely evening chat. The view from the hole was very interesting indeed.

Besides, whatever happened outside definitely beat the boredom that was the burrow.

How does someone do the same activity every day, day after day and not get bored with it?! It was simply impossible to fight and defeat the boredom that was the burrow.

That was how our lady began to turn more towards the hole in the burrow. Everything outside was oh so interesting and different! The call of the light was a sound that the lady could not resist anymore.

As the days kept passing, and the lady began to spend more time at the hole, she decided to make the hole just a little bigger, and then some more bigger. Now, there was not only a bigger hole to take a better look at the passers-by, there was more gossip, and more chatting to pep her life up. Slowly, as is what happens in these cases, whatever or whoever was outside began to trickle into the lady’s burrow.

In the beginning, everything was all hunky-dory and exciting. Our lady was quite excited at the prospect of bringing home so much of fun.

But as time kept moving, as time is known to do, the lady failed to notice the mound that was piling up behind her. The mound contained everything from the burrow that the lady had neglected to care for, in her haste to bring in everything from the outside, inside.

If you have noticed them mounds, you would have also noticed that they get into the habit of getting very stinky and unsightly. The lady’s mound too grew stinky and unsightly enough for the lady to at last, turn her attention towards it.

Imagine her shock when she realized that the mound had grown to the size of a small hill! And imagine her torment when she realized that she had to clear and clean the entire mound, all by herself!

Our lady was in a fix now. Not only was there a mound inside the burrow waiting to be cleared, there was also a mound of folks outside the burrow, waiting to come in and chat with her. Caught between the chaos of her two worlds, our lady realized that she had no choice and decided to do the difficult.

Getting down to work, out lady turned down several offers to chat, let in only those who would help her with her task on hand, and more than anything, built back the hole in the burrow to a reasonable, more manageable size.

Dear Reader,

Let us take a look at the holes in our burrows.

The biggest hole is of course, the one that we call the smartphone. As I sit typing this story, my hole of a smartphone calls out to me to stop my work and take a look through it. I wonder who is passing by on Facebook, what someone is saying to another on Twitter, and who is ready to chat on WhatsApp. In the process, I spend less time thinking about my work, which, according to my planner, has indeed formed a mound behind me.

The second hole in our lives, is the infinite temptations of the world outside. There is always something to do, some place to go, and someone to meet. With such fast-paced lifestyles, relationships with our family, partners and our own selves are bound to build themselves into a mound – rather unsightly and quite stinky indeed.

The third hole that is growing upon us, is this place above us called space. As we turn our sights, focus and energy towards finding more habitable planets, we have forgotten to look after the planet that is our very own burrow. There is a mound of sickness called trash, greed and war that is piling upon her and destroying her before her time. And all the while, space, in her own vast silence of darkness, is only shining emptiness upon us.

How do we close out these holes that are only growing bigger with the passage of time? When will we acknowledge the mounds that have silently piled up behind us? And more importantly what will we do to assure a balance between the worlds that exist outside and within us?

For just as much blindness as the dark can leave us in, the light too can blind us with its intensity.

Here’s to acknowledging the wisdom of balance! And here’s to finding and sustaining ours!


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