Poems for the Mind

Have you Seen the Rain?

Yes really, have you seen the rain?

You have definitely seen the pearly drops

Reached out for them

Splashing them onto your face

Held out your tongue to them

Locking the taste within

Pushed your feet into them

Dancing to a music unheard

Sometimes you have

Run away from them

Not wanting to damage your hair

Chosen to see them from behind a glass

As they battered heavily on your sidewalk

Wished them away

When they flooded your home, destroyed others’

But, have you seen the rain?

No, you haven’t

Have you seen the water

Raise unseen from the earth

And flow towards the heavens

Have you seen the water

Become one with the air

And raise above our heads

Have you seen the water

Make shapes in the sky

Or turn dark and heavy

Have you seen the unseen rain?

No, you haven’t

Neither have I

Dear Reader,

We are aware of exactly only one half of our lives. The other half remains in the shadows, unseen, but just like the water from earth, our shadow-self is always raising. We can feel it in the form of our emotions when we catch ourselves seething with anger, sulking from jealousy, drowning through sorrow, and jumping in happiness.

But how often do we watch ourselves to catch ourselves?

As a part of the mob, we expect others to understand us. If only we understood ourselves, this expectation and the subsequent fallout would cease to exist. Despite our presence in the mob, we would be able to reclaim our rightful spot – our identity, our voice.

To make this happen, we need to become aware of what makes us, us – why we are who we are. We need to see the unseen within us.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate – Carl Jung


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