Poems for the Mind

Watching them Reflections

In the mirror,

You see you,

I see me,

Then we see,

What we otherwise,

Do not see

In the water,

You see you,

I see me,

Then we see,

Other things that,

We do not otherwise see

Yet, we keep looking,

Up towards the skies,

Right into the stars,

Through the infinite darkness,

For all the things,

We can never see

Dear Reader,

I have spent a lifetime running away from life, albeit inside my own head. Every time a challenge crops up, I run away from it, I escape and head out into the infinite space that makes up my mind.

It was only when I realized that all the running led me nowhere that I decided to stop and turn back, back towards myself. Because, infinity, whether it takes up space in the universe or in the mind, does not have any destinations. It will lead us into everywhere and nowhere at the same time. 

The journey of introspection has brought me, to me. It has led me to question myself, and understand my design, so I can find my destinations and buy myself tickets to those places. Self-reflection is all about figuring out the I within the You. That is what reflections do – they help us see the unseen so we can differentiate between all the things that we can do, and all the things that don’t have to do. 

Remember, the sun does not reflect water, it is the water that reflects the sun. 

Here’s to looking at reflections! Here’s to getting back to you!



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